I am Kevin Kamaka Mullen, and I am a Hawaiian Slack Key Guitarist performing in the San Diego area.  I played violin and viola since I was 9 years old, and I gravitated towards guitar freshman year in High School.  I started out playing classic rock, punk, reggae, classical guitar, jazz, and found my new true love in Hawaiian music.

I learned how to play Hawaiian slack key guitar from my Kumu (teacher) Patrick Landeza.  He inspired me to become the musician I am today.  I also have taken workshops with Slack Key Masters Cyril Pahinui, George Kuo, and Dennis Kamakahi.  For many years I have also learned several different guitar techiques and styles from Robert Andrew Szajkowski .  In august 2010 I had the privilege of performing at the Slack Key Festival in Kapiolani Park, Waikiki, O’ahu Hawai’i with Patrick Landeza and his students.  I have also performed at many restaurants, parties, and weddings.

Much like the Slack Key musicians of the older days, most of my Slack Key and Hawaiian music knowledge is self taught.  I learned how to play ‘Ukulele on my own, but nothing gives me more joy than playing Slack Key Guitar.  Since being a child I have always written new music.  I have written songs for Slack Key, ‘Ukulele, and vocals in both the Hawaiian and English languages.  I learned some of the Hawaiian language from the Kumu Michael E.Malulani K.Odegaard who has started the H2O Hawaiian Bilingual movement.

Now I have my own Hawaiian Slack Key album titled Ke Au Hou, which is now available.  I perform weekly gigs at Kaisen Sushi in Oceanside, California on Tuesday nights from 6:30-9:00pm.  I also wish to pass on my knowledge in Slack Key by giving lessons.  My current students have progressed quickly and have been a joy for me to teach.  Feel free to contact me about any questions concerning slack key Lessons in Oceanside or booking performances.